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19 Worst Times To Be Living In A Building Without An Elevator

My bladder is about to burst and you're making me climb five flights of stairs?!

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1. When you badly need to pee.

Cartoon Network

2. When you're carrying 10 bags of groceries.

Twentieth Century Fox

3. When you ran 10km and just do not have any energy left.


4. When you get back from a flight and need to lug two suitcases up the stairs.


5. Moving in day.


6. Furniture delivery day.


You're lucky if they don't charge you extra for every additional flight of stairs they have to climb.

7. Trash day (and you have a lot to dispose).


8. Laundry day.


9. When grandma comes to visit.

Disney Channel

10. When there's a fire drill, or an actual fire.


11. When you have a really bad stomach ache.


12. When you're rushing to catch the train or the bus.


13. When you get to the ground floor and realise that you forgot something upstairs.

The CW

14. When you come home drunk.


15. When you host a drinking session at your place and your friends leave drunk.


16. When you're walking behind your neighbour and you're just not up for a chat.

MaddieandTae VEVO

17. When you're walking in front of your neighbour and you just need to let out a fart.


18. When the pizza delivery guy reaches your front door and complains about not having an elevator, expecting a huge tip for his efforts.

Disney Channel

19. ...or when the delivery guy doesn't know how to let himself in the building, so you have to go down and open the door yourself.

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