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This Is What Today's Youth Are Taking On Contiki Tours

"What's the rope for?" "For anything you want it to do *wink wink*."

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1. This shampoo guru.


"The most essential thing in my suitcase is a bottle of shampoo. I like being clean, I like the feeling of being clean, so as long as that's there, I'll be OK."

-Charles, 22, from Bath, UK


2. This resourceful gal.


"I packed plasters and I was supposed to use them for blisters, but I ended up putting them on my nipples because it was so hot that I just didn't wanna wear a bra!"

-Abbie, 18, from Reading, UK

5. This girl who found the best way to meet people.


"My fanny pack is my favourite travel essential because you can store snacks in it. I found it's also really good at attracting the opposite sex, having that around me."

-Jessica, 19, from North Hampton, England

6. Mr Prepared-For-Anything.


"I actually learned on this trip what the most important thing to pack is - a flashy pair of underwear! Because you'll never know what your group will dare you to do. In my case, it was to dance on a bar and take off my clothes."

-Andrew, 26, from Toronto, Canada


8. Mr Forget-Me-Not.


"I like carrying my travel journal with me. You do so much when traveling, it's impossible to remember absolutely everything. Years from now that's what I'm gonna be looking at."

-Colin, 23, from Alberta, Canada

9. This mademoiselle-old-soul.


"I like to dress up as an old lady. My alter ego is called "Judith", so I like to bring along some grey hairspray, old lady glasses, and hair rollers."

-Jessica, 20, from Reading, UK

10. ... And another impersonating wiz.


"Hmmm... The most important thing in my suitcase would be the emergency moustaches. In the case that you can't pick up man, you can become one!"

-Karishma, 23, from London, UK

11. Can't decide which thongs are more important, she brought both.


"My thongs!!! I packed thongs, and both types of them, because they're really comfortable to travel in."

-Lauren, 21, from Newcastle, UK

12. And, the one who already knows what will go down on this trip.


"The one thing I can't travel without are earplugs. You'll never know what's gonna go down in a hostel dorm room."

-Jess, 23, from London, UK