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These Photos Show How Fucking Hard It Is To Put On A Theatre Show

Three hundred square meters of plywood and a ton of hard work.

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Tom Stoppard's highly-acclaimed play Arcadia is taking over the Sydney Opera House this February.

Instagram: @bobondi

In the lead up to opening night, set builder Boaz Shemesh took his iPhone behind the scenes to reveal how he made the stage look like a British country estate from 1809, as well as when the time jumps to the 1990s.

“Every set we build offers its own complexities. For Arcadia the whole set sat on a ramped stage. This meant that the doors on each side wall would want to slam shut!” Shemesh told BuzzFeed.


And his favourite spot to watch the play? From the sidelines.

"My favourite angle to view the Arcadia set is looking across the stage through the side doors. It's a view the public wouldn't get to experience," Shemesh said.

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