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    This Breathtaking Algae Bloom Is One Reason To Go To The Beach At Night

    If only algae looked this amazing all the time.

    As if Tasmania wasn't pretty enough, the island was treated to a gorgeous bioluminescence event overnight.

    There were sightings of this breathtaking phenomenon at Rocky Cape, Burnie and Somerset in the state's northwest.

    According to the Smithsonian Institute, bioluminescence - the ability to glow in the dark - occurs when marine organisms experience physical disturbance such as hitting rocks or waves.

    And these ones seem like they were really riding that wave!


    Although Tasmania has delighted in this occurrence several times in the past, it's fairly rare on the northwest coast.

    "This is the first time we've had the 'Sea Sparkle' up in our neck of the woods," a local tourism board said in an Instagram post.

    Tassie is lit. Literally.

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