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5 Thoughts That Led To Daniel Berehulak's Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photo

In September 2014, photojournalist Daniel Berehulak snapped a photo of 8-year-old James Dorbor being rushed to an Ebola treatment centre in Liberia. Last week, Berehulak was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in the Feature Photography category.

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For a period of 14 weeks in September 2014, Getty Images photojournalist Daniel Berehulak documented how the Ebola epidemic was affecting communities in West Africa.

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo (above), medical staff carry 8-year-old James Dorbor into the JFK Ebola treatment centre in Liberia after he showed symptoms for four days. Dorbor was one of 10,000 cases in Liberia, and in the days shortly after this photo was taken, became among the 4,500 to die from the Ebola virus.

Berehulak shared with BuzzFeed News some of his thoughts about the work that led to the Pulitzer Prize recognition, as well as some of his other well-known photos.

"I expected [covering the Ebola epidemic] to be extremely difficult, and it was. But the emotional and physical toll was unexpected. I was shocked just by how widespread the epidemic had become and how it had crippled the city."
"I have to force myself to remember that if I can’t do my job, people’s stories won’t get told and that helps me to focus on the task at hand."
"You are sharing stories and information about issues that affect everyone, and also hopefully bring the attention needed to improve a situation or even someone’s life."
"When you’re in the field you just focus on the task at hand. ... We don’t do this kind of work for awards or to be recognised. We do this to share stories with the world."  


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