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21 Very Different Ways Aussies Filled Out Their Voting Forms

You fight for democracy and this is what you do with it.

1. Australia's federal election was today, and people around the country visited their nearest public school to fill in their compulsory vote. Of course, everything didn't go ~quite~ as planned.

Someone ordered a kebab on their senate voting paper today. (Photo @facebook)

2. See, three years ago the Australian Electoral Commission let loose on Twitter that ballot papers will still be counted "even if there's a dick" on them. And this year people had fun.

3. Dozens of people uploaded their votes to Instagram, including their own special take down the bottom.

4. There were the mandatory dicks and balls.

6. The grocery list.

7. The Simpsons fanatic.

8. And the Seinfeld tragic, too.

9. Beyoncé got a mention...

10. As did Gary the goat.

11. Some people just drew cows ...

12. And others were off wishing they lived somewhere else.

14. This dude had a lot of time...

15. And this dude wanted to get some vibes on his mixtape.

16. Someone found themselves as a member of a new type of party...

17. And some people just didn't care at all.

18. This dude wanted to party.

19. And this guy knew exactly who he wanted.

Is this what you wanted me to do @Jan__Fran? Do hope @LeeLinChinSBS gets more votes than Harambe #ausvotes ...

20. The Australian Sex Party was given an appropriate number.

21. And the Russell Coight for prime minister Facebook page got in its obligatory vote.

Facebook: russellcoightforpm