2 Aug 2017

    16 Fascinating Photos Of Outback Ghost Towns Around Australia

    In one South Australian town, real - and very much alive - people make and sell bread from an underground bakery.

    In the most remote parts of Outback Australia, buildings and towns that once served a purpose now stand abandoned. Many of these areas were former mining hubs. Nowadays, their remains have been rediscovered by photographers and travellers.

    In this photo series, Getty Images takes us on a tour of some of the many ghost towns in Australia.

    Julie Fletcher / Getty Images

    Dilapidated buildings in the former gold mining town of Gwalia, 828km north-east of Perth in Western Australia.

    Hadi Zaher / Getty Images

    Another abandoned building in Gwalia. The once-thriving Outback centre is now a ghost town, but has a museum dedicated to its rich mining history.

    Zonifer Lloyd / Getty Images

    The facade of the Transcontinental Hotel in Farina, 600km north of Adelaide in South Australia.

    Andrea Robinson / Getty Images

    Now inhabited, the town of Farina sits on the Oodnadatta Track.

    Steve Waters / Getty Images

    A group of people have started a project that aims to preserve the ruins of the town and showcase its history.

    Steve Waters / Getty Images

    For a few months each year volunteers make bread at an underground bakery.

    Jochen Schlenker / Getty Images

    A view of Silverton, an almost-abandoned town with an 89-strong population. It is 26km from Broken Hill in NSW. Many residents live there to cater to the tourist traffic.

    Claver Carroll / Getty Images

    Although many consider Silverton a ghost town, it has a full-service hotel where you can learn about its rich silver mining history.

    David Trood / Getty Images

    This one though is a disused hotel that remains structurally intact despite the harsh Australian Outback climate.

    Peta Jade / Getty Images

    Silverton has around 20 surviving structures dotted across town.

    Auscape / Getty Images

    Some people in Silverton know how to get creative. Here, a decaying car was given a paint job.

    Claver Carroll / Getty Images

    An old courthouse in Milparinka, a ghost gold town near Broken Hill. The town's attractions are a pub and a few ruins.

    Bennymarty / Getty Images

    The interior of the Royal Hotel, in Linda on the Lyell Highway, 253km north-west of Hobart in Tasmania. The hotel is the only surviving edifice of the former mining town. It was abandoned in the 1950s.

    Claver Carroll / Getty Images

    The skeleton of a hotel in Waukaringa, 350km north of Adelaide. The structure is made of local stone and has survived 140 years.

    Ross Barnett / Getty Images

    Long-abandoned shop fronts on Main Street in Terowie, 230km north of Adelaide. The town has preserved a number of buildings from the 1880s, and has a rich rail history. It has been on the decline since 1969. In 2016, its population had dwindled to 131.

    Orien Harvey / Getty Images

    Kunanalling, in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, is home to the ruins of a hotel and three chimneys. It is 590km east of Perth.

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