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    Anna Wintour Wears Long Sleeves While Australia Burns

    This is a weather update.

    Warning: some photos in this story may be distressing.

    Hello. In case you didn't know, this is Anna Wintour — fashion icon, source of every aspiring fashionista's fears, and inspiration for Anne Hathaway's best movie of all time (fight me if you dare).

    She's in Australia at the moment, but you wouldn't really guess, given she's been showing up wearing long sleeve dresses...

    At the tennis....

    An outdoor event! Also, please direct your eyes at the woman wearing...A SCARF.

    You see, it's crazy hot in parts of Australia. So hot right now. Quite possibly the hottest place in the world.

    Just so we're clear, being the hottest place on Earth is not the way that I had hoped Australia would be leading the world re. #climatechange when I started working on this thing ... but it's probably what our current level of policy ambition deserves. #climatecrisis #auspol

    Places including Port Augusta in South Australia have recorded up to 50C today (that's a mind-bending 122F).

    #portaugusta weather update - already a half-century according to the @Trans_PtAugusta clock. #southaustralia #heatwave2019

    Severe #heatwave conditions set to place the state under stress. Maree & Oak Valley set to bake at forecast 47°C, with the majority of the SA population in the 40°C plus range today. #Adelaide expecting 40°C, some regional centres even hotter, Port Augusta 45°C @SA_SES @SAHealth

    This guy from Adelaide Hills, also in South Australia, tried baking cookies under the sun.

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    Animals are also suffering. Rohan Smyth and Ralph Turner from Alice Springs have shared photos of mass horse deaths caused by the heat. Other feral animals like camels and donkeys are being culled because they are dying from thirst. Warning: these photos may cause distress.

    Facebook: ASCForum

    At the Australian Open, where a new heat policy was introduced this year, there was a bit of an uproar over whether the roof of Rod Laver Arena should be closed during play.

    @jlogue7 Hi there Justin, the roof will only be closed in the event of rain or at the discretion of the referee as per the guidelines set out in the extreme heat policy:

    Much like when you know rain is coming, if you know the heat is going to get worse in the next two hours, just close the roof @AustralianOpen. It’s not even about the tennis at this point. Common sense for the players, the fans, and the tv audience that all want great tennis.

    Here's Ms Wintour again, looking quite chill in her long sleeved frock and snakeskin knee-length boots.