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    Updated on 18 Oct 2018. Posted on 26 Aug 2015

    17 Amazing Places To Go On The Gold Coast That Aren't The Beach

    Beached out? Now, go see the rest.

    Everyone knows the Gold Coast for its beaches and parties. And rightfully so.

    Zstockphotos / Getty Images

    Really, who can resist the good surf, and chill culture? It's the quintessential Australian way of life. But there's more to the Gold Coast than its seaside fair.

    Jenny Bonner / Getty Images

    1. Why not watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon?

    Andre Sultan / Via Instagram: @andresultan

    2. As the fog clears, marvel at the beauty of the Hinterland.

    Casey Eveleigh / Via Instagram: @caseyeveleighphotography

    A hot air balloon ride between Beaudesert and Canungra.

    3. Abseil down this heart-shaped natural pool in Killarney Glen in Lower Beechmont.

    Dani Dreams / Via Instagram: @dani.dreams

    Read more about Killarney Glen here.

    4. Re-acquaint yourself with nature at Curtis Falls in Tamborine Mountain National Park.

    Dani Dreams / Via Instagram: @dani.dreams

    Read more about it here.

    5. Get lost in the Lamington National Park and find yourself refreshed at Moran Falls.

    Gareth Mcguigan / Via Instagram: @mcguigan_visuals

    Read more about it here.

    6. Lie on your back and watch the stars at Jacobs Well.

    Gareth Mcguigan / Via Instagram: @mcguigan_visuals

    Read more about it here.

    7. This is the road to O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat...

    Jules Ingall / Via Instagram: @julesingall

    8. ...And this is the trek that you're treated to in its forest.

    Kylie Roberts / Via Instagram: @kpinko

    Read more about it here.

    9. Really, the Gold Coast is blessed with natural wonders. It's just waiting for you to explore it.

    Keep Still Photography / Via Instagram: @steph_hortz

    Like this trekking spot in Binna Burra.

    10. You get drop-dead gorgeous sceneries from up above.

    Gareth Mcguigan / Via Instagram: @mcguigan_visuals

    Like this farm on a hill in Springbrook.

    11. ...Or raw natural beauty down below.

    Aki Howell / Via Instagram: @keykodesign

    A trail in Twinfalls Circuit, Springbrook.

    12. Just. Look. At. This. View.

    Nick Northcoat Photography / Via

    Not quite the beach, at Beechmont.

    13. There's a world to explore in the Tamborine Mountain National Park.

    Larisa Cevallos Oganova / Via Instagram: @sweetocean_

    Read more here.

    14. You can even relive your childhood on a treetop.

    Martine Simonds / Via Instagram: @digitaldaydreams

    Like this one in Thunderbird Park, Mt Tamborine.

    15. You can still get a glimpse of the sea, like this view from the Burleigh Heads.

    16. How eerily beautiful is this moss-covered landscape at Couran Cove in South Stradbroke Island?

    Sam Horine / Via Instagram: @samhorine

    Read more here.

    17. Take a good, deep breath and just marvel at what's in front of you.

    Jason Charles Hill / Via Instagram: @jasoncharleshill

    From a cliff, in Lamington National Park.

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