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21 Things That Will Make Every Italian Visiting Australia Say "That's So True"

Gym rats, don't take my parmigiana.

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1. Struggling to understand why everyone in Australia is on a health kick.

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You just want to get your Nonna to come and feed some carbonara to all those poor kids munching on plain lettuce like a bunch of sheep. Also... where are you guys running to?


3. Sitting in a bar, sipping your first glass of Chianti, just to relax... only to realise your Aussie mates are already a few drinks ahead of you.

4. Planning your trip to Australia in October so you'll have a second summer.

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But then suffering in silence when you realise you'll have to shave for ANOTHER three months.

6. But being a bit disappointed when you realise Italians are much more common in Australia than what you thought.

Compagnia Cinematografica Champion / Via

There are lots of Italian immigrants in Australia.

7. Coming to Australia thinking Italy definitely has the best beaches...

I mean, look at this beauty.


8. ...only to find out Australia is actually a huge contender.

Yeah, the Whitsundays are pretty dope too.


14. Even though you dread the moment she finds out you haven't been eating pasta every day.


"STAI SCIUPATO!" ("You look thin!"), she'll say. Then proceed to feed you baked pasta, and meatballs, and zucchini fritters, and cheese, and lasagna, and focaccia, and taralli, and... you get the point.

17. Being surprised how many young people stay in Australia to live and work compared to Italy.

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Italy has a much older population. That's why we're so wise: We learn from our elderly. 👵


18. Wondering why people are weirded out by you using WhatsApp audio messages.


Australians are weirded out, GUYS. They only call and send text messages. But us Italians know audio is the only way to really get that tone across.

20. Feeling extremely patriotic when you're so far away from home...

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Always keeping an eye out for Italians on the street, maybe stalking them just to have a conversation in your beautiful language. ❤️

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