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Seven Lessons From The Gilmore Girls

After the revival of the Gilmore Girls, I'm back to my 16-year-old-self, watching, laughing and crying all within an hour! So six hours later and now 8 full seasons, what can we learn from them?

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Being able to smell snow is actually a thing

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I know, I didn't want to believe it either. But Lorelai Gilmore can and who am I to argue with the scientists of American TV? Screw transferable work skills, this is the skill I need!

Community spirit is alive and well

With every Gilmore Girls episode, I'm secretly planning an escape to my very own Stars Hollow. I'd like a Kirk with his outlandish entrepreneurship, a Taylor to keep the town in check and a Luke to make sure I'm fed and regularly caffeinated. I'm not asking for much, am I?

It's possible to eat that much take-out food and drink that much coffee and still look great

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Before Luke moved in, it was either take-out or Pop Tarts. It's reassuring to know Rory is about as athletic as myself (so not at all) and is still able to fit into her lucky outfit.

We're all allowed to hit a crossroads in our careers

What we thought we wanted to do at school or at university might not be what we want to do now. Oh and we don't all need to be married with kids by 30.

Our mum's are always going to be our heroes

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They annoy us, they're frustrating (especially when they're right) but they're always there for us. Whether it's prepping us for high school or filling us with ice-cream when our love life takes a turn. ​

Hiking across the Pacific Crest Trail isn't always the solution

Anyone who has read the book or watched the film thinks they can strap on their walking boots and go off into the wilderness to find themselves. Realistically? Like Lorelai, one oversized backpack and a breath-taking view might be all you need to snap right out of it.

The good guys are usually the right guys

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It's only taken 8 seasons, but Luke and Lorelai finally got their happy ending. Luke's always been that guy and he's definitely the best one. He might not be wanting to build an empire right now or wear a suit every day, but he's kind, loyal and a seriously good cook!

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