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Which McCorvie Family Member Are You?

Have you always wondered which member of the McCorvie-Bergen Clan you are? Answer the questions below to find out!

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  1. What's your signature dinner?

    Taco Bell! And three cherry Pepsis please
    Plain pasta with a side of cucumber, how nutritious!
    Tortilla Soup used to be my go to... Nowadays it is a nice salad from Alfalfas
    Illegal Petes for the third night in a row
    Nothing for dinner, but definietly something from whatever dessert place is open
  2. What's your dream vacation?

    Painting on the beach
    Skiing hard during the day and sleeping hard at night
    A beautiful hotel room with a huge TV, HDMI cord included
    Somewhere full of history and museums, but also a starbs
    Visiting all the places I have seen on TV
  3. What's your favorite movie?

  4. What's your ice cream order?

    Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!
    Eggnog to celebrate the holidays
    You know my order! Birthday cake with sprinkles on a sprinkle cone, obviously
    Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, or Phish Food, anything from Ben and Jerrys really
    Mango sorbet and sprinkles, its good I promise
  5. Choose your favorite Obama

  6. What's your favorite song?

    If the Grateful Dead plays it I love it
    The Naked Brothers Band is my jam
    "24 Karat Magic" By dreamy Bruno Mars
    "Ashley" From Smooth Moves Wario
    "For Free" by DJ Khaled
  7. Which Spongebob character are you?

  8. Describe your style

    A nice tie-dye
    I either look nice or like a sloppy potato
    Throw a fanny pack on it!
    I have one pink sweater
    Crop top, croptop, or crop-top?
  9. What snack do you grab as you leave the house?

    Baby goldfish
    Sour cream and ruffles
    Jubee's chips
    Target popcorn
    Goat cheese and crackers
  10. How do you de-stress?

    Cat nap
    Scroll through Facebook, see a political post, get stressed out, repeat
    Listen to Rob Lowes audiobook
    Watch Austin and Ally

Which McCorvie Family Member Are You?

You got: Jubee

The youngest of the family you are always called a "loser" or a "dork." Don't worry! They are right, but maybe they like anyways! Your innapropriate outbursts are kinda cute anyways.

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You got: Denise

The matriarch of the family you always know what's right in any situation, the answer is always a fart joke!

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You got: Ally

What did the McCorvies do without you? Who ate their food and drove to Glaciers to get dessert? Thank goodness they accept your strange ways, kinda.

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You got: AnnaMarie

Being away at college is great! Because your family has to be nice to you when you are home, even when you talk for forty minutes straight.

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