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    23 Annoying Moments Only Obnoxious Laughers Experience

    We can't help it, you guys.

    1. When you allow your real laugh to happen and someone shoots you side-eye.

    2. When people are openly annoyed by your laugh.

    Wow, thank you.

    3. When people let you know that they can hear you from a few rooms over.

    4. Anytime you laugh calmly and it still seems like you're being obnoxious.

    5. When you laugh and are suddenly the center of attention.

    Pay attention to your damn selves.

    6. When people feel the need to WARN you to not laugh.

    *Going to my interview* Mom: Don't act like yourself, be professional.💁 Oh, and don't laugh either...😂😁 #ObnoxiousLaugh #SorryNotSorry

    7. When you have to craft a *different* laugh, to prepare for upcoming social outings with new people.

    8. When you're with new friends and aren't sure whether to let your ~real~ laugh slip out.

    9. When you're not ready for your real laugh to slip out, and it does anyway.

    10. This.

    I laugh in a crowded room everyone looks at me😂 #obnoxiouslaugh

    11. When your friends make fun of your laugh for the trillionth time.

    12. When your laugh is really out of control and you feel the need to apologize.

    13. And then proceed to ask you to show your laugh to others.

    I am not a damn circus animal.

    14. When you're told your laugh sounds like a goat (or any other animal noise).

    15. When your already "unique" laugh is loud at the wrong damn time.

    Omg this part is tickling me and I'm not the person to be laughing in a quiet salon #obnoxiouslaugh #sorry

    16. When you get a literally LOL-worthy text and react without thinking.

    17. When someone tries to imitate your laugh.


    18. When people say your laugh scares them.

    19. Or that it's distracting.

    20. When you hear your laugh played back.

    21. When people give you a backhanded compliment on your cackle.

    22. When you're scolded for being "too loud."

    23. And when you're doing the opposite of laughing AND EVERYONE THINKS YOU ARE LAUGHING.

    That awkward moment when I'm choking and practically dead but everyone just thinks I'm laughing.. #obnoxiouslaughprobs

    CAN I LIVE?!