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17 Misconceptions People Have About Country Music

It ain't all about boot-scootin' cowboys.

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3. ~Major hits~ are NOT always great depictions of the genre.

"What the general public hears is usually more pop, and way more generic."

-- Andrea Lauren, Facebook


4. This may shock some people, but not every country fan and singer is a white dude from the Southern or Midwestern United States.

"I can't stand when people think I'm crazy because I'm Hispanic and listen to country music, as if a prerequisite to liking the music is being white!"

-- Rebekah Elaine, Facebook

6. There are lots of talented women in the industry -- give Miranda Lambert, Reba McIntire or Kacey Musgraves a try, for starters.

14. And there are many different styles and levels of country, ranging from rock, to bluegrass, even folk. Don't bunch them all together!

15. Country fans DO listen to other kinds of music as well, just like everyone else on Earth. You're allowed to be in love with Eric Church and still bump Drake in the car.


17. And give a few different songs a chance before judging: You can't say it all sounds the same if you haven't tried different kinds.

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"Garth Brooks's music sounds drastically different from Kacey Musgraves, and Tim McGraw sounds drastically different from Brad Paisley."

-- samanthak4

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