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18 Punk And Grunge-Themed Shops You Need To Check Out ASAP

Denim jackets and patches and combat boots, oh my.

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2. Angry, Young and Poor

They've been called the "best shop for punk, skin, and everything in-between." So, there you have it. They also have an IRL location in Lancaster, PA.

—Nadine Zíngano, Facebook


16. Interpunk

Interpunk calls itself "The Ultimate Punk Music Store," and for good reason — they sell the coolest vintage records, pins, and any badass accessories you can dream up. You can also visit their store in Richmond, Virginia.


18. Shirts 'n' Things

It's a super-authentic, locally owned store with shirts from all kinds of movies and brands, Doc Martens, and hair dyes. They also have a Mesa, Arizona location.

—Jessica Teiman, Facebook