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21 Reasons Winter Birthdays Are The Absolute Best

Eat snow, summer babies.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community why they love having a winter birthday. Here are the brilliant results.

1. If you don't get what you want for your birthday, you can request it for Christmas. And vice versa.

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Submitted by Ellen Pickford (Facebook).

2. You learn how dedicated your friends are, because they'll celebrate with you in any weather conditions.

Submitted by kosamarie.

3. Having a day dedicated entirely to you is the perfect distraction from the winter weather.

The CW / Via

Submitted by Anna Kopsky.

4. You can go skiing, sledding, and snow tubing to celebrate.

Submitted by Anna King (Facebook).

5. Unlike kids with summer birthdays, you got cupcakes or other treats at school.

Submitted by Quiana Marquis (Facebook).

6. You're already in a festive spirit because of all the winter holidays.

NBC / Via

Submitted by Cara Picone (Facebook).

7. And since your special day is so close to the holidays, it feels like the gifts don't stop coming.

NBC / Via

Submitted by totalhermit.

8. Your friends look forward to celebrating, because there are usually less parties once it gets cold outside.

Submitted by She23.

9. Because the weather tends to be crappy, you plan more creative indoor celebrations.

Submitted by Brittigno.

10. People are on break for the holidays, so they have few excuses to not celebrate with you.

MGM / Via

Submitted by Carlena Probert-Baulch (Facebook).

11. But if they can't make it on your actual birthday, you're almost guaranteed to see them at a holiday party anyway.

NBC / Via

Submitted by Nancy Heist Skok (Facebook).

12. You can request special desserts to be made and brought to holiday parties just for you. That you don't have to share.

CBS / Via

Submitted by emilyj4fa843309.

13. And you don't second-guess eating more dessert than usual, because everyone's in celebration mode anyway.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Submitted by Ahmba25.

14. If your birthday is over holiday break, you were guaranteed to have no school as a kid.

Fox / Via

Submitted by alexaj4547f4253.

15. And if you work, you can take time off without feeling guilty.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Submitted by danielles35.

16. If your birthday isn't during break, you still have the brilliant possibility of a snow day.

Submitted by Emma Brown (Facebook).

17. You don't experience the post-holiday blues, because there's an entire celebration for you on the way.

MTV / Via

Submitted by whatwouldcourtneydo.

18. If you're not one for lavish parties, you don't feel guilty relaxing at home. Especially if you've already met your party-quota from the holidays.

Cartoon Network / Via

Submitted by chelseaf14.

19. You don't feel pressured to dress up when celebrating, since it's so cold.

Submitted by Alanna Sikorski (Facebook).

20. You get to combine holiday sales with birthday discounts for extra-inexpensive gifts for yourself.

Submitted by rebeccad45372133f.

21. And most importantly, if you love winter and snow, there is extra magic in the air on your birthday.

Submitted by alexehh.

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