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Who Is The Creepiest Cannibal You've Ever Heard Of?

I know this is fucked up!!!

I know what you're thinking: *all* cannibals are terrifying and disgusting, BUZZFEED. But I still want to talk about them.

Like, did you know serial killer Joe Metheny would mix the flesh of his victims with animal meat and sell it to unknowing customers as burgers at his food stand?

Or that Ottis Toole would barbecue the people he killed before he ate them?

Perhaps you've heard of Olesya Mostovschikova, who chopped up her friend after an argument, cooked the body parts, and casually ate the meat with another pal.

Or maybe you've read up on Albert Fish. He ate a young girl, then wrote a letter to her parents describing how delicious she was.

Cannibals are gross and the thought of them makes the average person feel queasy... so naturally, we want to know more.

Tell us about the most fucked-up cannibals you know of in the Dropbox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.