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Which Reality TV Shows Got You Through 2020?

I watched 300 hours of Love Island, so you're safe here.

Real life was a rollercoaster this past year. Someone had to say it!!!

A woman wearing a curly high ponytail sports a rhinestone dress. She sits on a chair inside a mansion saying, who said that?

For many of us, diving into reality TV was a fabulous way to get through *gestures vaguely*. Why? Well, some shows can provide a sense of normalcy, but they are also always wildly entertaining. The perfect distraction.

For me, Love Island was where it was at. Since January I've watched every single UK and Australia season, which adds up to over 300 hours. But who's counting?

A woman with fluffy, curly hair sits on a chair. She says, "I've never been rejected in my life, oh my god i'd be shook, i don't even know what i'd do"

Maybe your go-to was realty reality, and you were pulled into the dramatic magic of Selling Sunset.

Or you've always wanted to watch America's Next Top Model, so once quarantine began, you knew exactly where to start your TV journey.

A woman stands up pointing to a wall that says ANTM, and she says "this is not america's next top best friend."

Perhaps you were on the same wavelength as me and were into dating shows like Terrace House.*

A man and woman sit next to each other on a couch. The man is expressionless but the woman holds her hand over her mouth, laughing. He is saying "i just told her how i feel and now we're going out.

Or maybe you comforted yourself with the unique offerings of The Great British Bake Off.

Whatever your choice of reality show, we want to know what it was and why you loved it so much this year. Oh, and it doesn't have to be a new one — older shows are fair game.

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