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Tell Us Which Female Serial Killer Creeps You The Fuck Out

Don't trust anyone.

Howdy, spooky friends. Most well-known serial killers are males, so I want to chat about female serial killers.


Perhaps the first person who comes to mind is Aileen Wuornos, who brutally murdered seven men within two years.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain, Murderpedia

Maybe you've heard of Nannie Doss, who killed four of her five husbands, and then "smiled and giggled" while describing her crimes to authorities.

Murderpedia / Flickr Creative Commons / Andrew Kuznetsov

Or perhaps the story of Kristen Gilbert freaks you out, because she was a nurse in a hospital who sneakily killed patients by injecting them with adrenaline.

Murderpedia, Flickr Creative Commons / Parrish Baker

While all serial killers are terrifying, let's chat about the ladies. Which woman serial killer fascinates you the most?

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use, Murderpedia

These are two of the most notorious British serial killers of all time, Myra Hindley and Rosemary West, respectively.

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