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What's The Scariest Movie That's Based On A True Story?

Nope nope nope.

Horror movies are fun to watch, not only because they're freaky, but because they're usually fiction.

But every once in awhile, you see the words "based on a true story" flash across the screen and shit your pants a little.

Maybe The Exorcist got 100% more terrifying when you learned the storyline wasn't totally made-up.

Perhaps you can't bear to watch The Strangers, because it's supposedly based on the Manson Family murders.

Or maybe learning that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was heavily influenced by the murderer Ed Gein made you shiver in your boots.

Horror movies get even spookier when they're based on real events, so tell us: What's the scariest movie that's based on a true story and why does it freak you out?

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