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Tell Us The Pettiest Thing You’ve Done At Work

Sometimes it’s just necessary.

Coworkers have the potential to be your BFF — or the most annoying part of every weekday.

Comedy Central

But sometimes you get a chance for a little bit of petty fun at work — and it feels good, no matter how childish.


Maybe one coworker was annoying you by talking too much, so when she went home you loosened the screws in her chair and then farted in it.

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Perhaps someone was talking shit about you at the water cooler, so you opened a cup of yogurt and left it in his top desk drawer to rot and smell overnight.


Or maybe your cubicle neighbor's ringtone annoyingly goes off 90 times a day, so one week you innocently played the song they hate on loop, as loud as possible.


Sometimes a bit of pettiness is the best medicine, so tell us: What's the pettiest thing you've done to a coworker — or what's the pettiest thing that's been done to you at work?


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