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Tell Us The Most Passive-Aggressive Thing You’ve Ever Done

Sometimes a sassy Post-It note just isn’t enough.

Being passive-aggressive is so necessary sometimes.

And leaving a savage note for someone will only do the trick every once in a while.

Maybe your neighbor kept parking in your spot, so one night you pulled your car as close to their driver's side as possible, just to piss 'em off.

Perhaps your roommate kept unplugging the refrigerator at night because it "was too loud," so you had a lock installed over the outlet one day when they weren't home.

Or maybe your housemate never cleaned their dishes, so one morning you took the plates from the kitchen and stacked them high in their bed.

Passive-aggression is an art, so tell us: What's the most passive-aggressive thing that's happened to you or you've done?

Let us know in the Dropbox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!