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18 Creepy Pictures That’ll Make You Believe In Ghosts

*The X-Files music plays*

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us the creepiest paranormal picture they've ever taken. Here are the spine-tingling results.

1. The lawn lurker:

2. The asylum apparition:

3. The monitor monster:

4. The new roommate:

5. The caboose companion:

"I live in a train station and own this caboose. In this photo of my brother and his girlfriend, there seems to be a face and hand above the number. Just the three of us were there at the time."


6. The Southern specter:

7. The dining room demon:

"The house I grew up in was definitely haunted. My mom took these pictures of my siblings and me on Christmas. You can see something going in and out of the light fixtures, not just covering them. It was only in one of the shots."


8. The blurry buddy:

9. The nighttime nuisance:

"One night I was at my mom's house with my boyfriend. He saw slow flashes of light, went to the hallway, and saw someone walking down the hall toward us. It stopped in the doorway. Later we decided to get a bunch of disposable cameras. There is a shadow of this...thing...in most of the pictures — and it wasn’t a wrist strap."


10. The palace phantom:

11. The German ghost:

12. The snowy spirit:

13. The beer house blur:

14. The dog filter devil:

15. The Louisiana loiterer:

16. The skeleton spook:

"My cousin took this photo of us on that setting that takes, like, five pictures at a time. I’m the one in the window. My face came out this way in only one shot, but it still freaks me out to look at it."


17. The baby's best friend:

18. And the fridge fright:

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