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Tell Us Your Best Tip For Wearing Dark Makeup

Because getting that perfect smokey eye is a struggle.

Dark makeup is cool AF, but sometimes it doesn't always turn out exactly like you want.


But thankfully, some of you angels out there know what you're doing, and can help the rest of us out.

The CW

Maybe you know of the perfect eyeshadow routine to get a smokey eye that won't look like a raccoon.


Perhaps you know a trick for keeping black lipstick in place all day, whether it be with a primer, or a specific tube of lipstick.

DC Comics

Or maybe you know of the perfect thick black eyeliner that won't smudge or smear all over your face after a few hours.


There is so much beauty knowledge waiting to be known. So, tell us, what's the best tip you have for people who love dark makeup?

Sony / Parkwood

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