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What Not-So-Famous Murder Case Creeps You Out?

There are too many.

If you're interested in true crime, you're sure to know your basic famous serial killers, like Charlie Manson and John Wayne Gacy.

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But maybe there's a less famous murder tale you've been engrossed in.


Maybe you were fascinated with the heartbreaking 1993 murder of James Bulger by two preteen boys in England.

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Perhaps you know about Amelia Dyer, who'd get paid to adopt unwanted babies in the late 1800s, only to brutally strangle them later. What the fuck???

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Or maybe you've heard of the mysterious murder of William Desmond Taylor, a Hollywood director in the 1920s who was shot in his own home.

The History Channel

So, tell us: What lesser-known murder case freaks you out the most?

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Don't forget the Keddie Cabin Murders of 1981.

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