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27 Times Jessica Lange Was Our One True Supreme

Happy birthday to the baddest witch around.

1. When she transitioned from modeling to acting and was adorably excited for the future.

ABC News / Via

2. When she was a young Hollywood dream promoting King Kong in the '70s.

Keystone / Getty Images

3. When she stunned us to the point of paralysis during this scene in Frances.

Universal Pictures

4. And proved long before American Horror Story that she could handle the most intense of roles.

Universal Pictures

5. When she was a sneaky yet stunning human being in The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Paramount Pictures / Via

6. When she learned and taught us this lesson in Tootsie.

Columbia Pictures

7. When she put all pinup wannabes to shame in Blue Sky.


8. And when she held her Oscar for Blue Sky and smiled graciously among the peasants that surrounded her.

Dan Groshong / Getty Images

9. When she was an immaculate dream woman in Big Fish and gave us all of our life goals.

Sony Pictures

10. And when she made us want to bawl our eyes out as a result of her incredible acting.

11. When she inspired us to appreciate our own relationship with our mother in Grey Gardens.


12. When she shared tattoo stories with Ellen.


13. When she taught us to take no shit from anyone in American Horror Story: Murder House.

14. Every time she slayed a singing number in Freak Show.

FX / Via

15. And when she danced like this in Asylum.

16. When she was EVERYTHING we wish we could be in Coven.

17. Seriously. GOALS.

18. When she spoke the kindest words about the people who inspired the characters on Freak Show.

ABC News

19. When she posted up with her squad and wondered what it was like to be less perfect, but couldn't imagine it.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

20. When she was an absolute stunner at the 2013 Golden Globes, and made everyone else look like shit.

NBC / Via

21. When she wore sunglasses on the red carpet, because she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

22. When she chilled with Ryan Murphy, because she's Jessica Lange, and she can.

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

23. And when she hung out with Tim Burton, because, why not?

Giulio Marcocchi / Getty Images

24. When she expertly and probably unintentionally threw some side-eye at this year's PaleyFest.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

25. When she was probably thinking, "Another award? Where will I even put this one?"

Mark Davis / Getty Images

26. When she was humble AF about her life as an actress.

ABC News

27. And when she laughed and looked like an angel descended from the heavens.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

Happy birthday, Queen Lange!

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