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What Creepy Horror Movie Facts Make You Uneasy?

And you thought scary movies couldn’t get scarier.

Horror movies are creepy enough as it is, but some films come with even spookier behind-the-scenes facts that'll send shivers down your spine.

Dimension Films / Universal Pictures

Maybe you've heard that an actual human skull was used in the first model of the iconic Alien creature.

20th Century Fox

Or that the actor who played a radiologist's assistant in The Exorcist was a convicted murderer who dismembered and killed gay men in the late '70s.

Warner Bros. / Murderpedia / Via

Maybe you're aware that Chucky is based on a real doll named Robert, basically a life-sized voodoo doll that's currently locked away in a glass case in Florida.

MGM / Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.0 / Via

So, tell us: What horror movie fact always freaks you out?

Universal Pictures / DreamWorks

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