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23 Fast Food Items You'll Never See Again In Your Life

But why did McDonald’s stop making pizza?!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the discontinued fast food items they miss most. Here are the nostalgic results.

1. Burger King's Cini-Minis

What were they? Delicious, gooey, baby-size cinnamon rolls.

Year introduced: 1998


2. McDonald's Pizza

What was it? Cheesy, glorious pizza, damnit!

Year introduced: 1989

—Craig Walker, Facebook

3. Wendy's Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty

4. Sonic's French Toaster Breakfast Sandwich

5. Burger King's Cupcake Shake

What was it? A yellow cake–flavored milkshake with a dollop of whipped cream and colorful sprinkles on top.

Year introduced: 2009


6. Jack in the Box's Macaroni Bites

What were they? Breaded, fried triangles filled with gooey macaroni and cheese.

Year introduced: 2008

—Melissa Ng, Facebook

7. Burger King's Shake 'Em Up Fries

8. Wendy's Fresh Stuffed Pitas

What were they? Basically a chicken Caesar or garden salad wrapped in a warm pita.

Year introduced: 1998

—Samantha Geen, Facebook

9. Taco Bell's Dr Pepper Freeze

What was it? A Dr Pepper slushie.

Year introduced: 2014


10. McDonald's Mint Ogre-Load McFlurry

11. Taco Bell's Zesty Chicken Bowl

What was it? Seasoned rice, beans, and grilled chicken in a bowl. Like a taco, without the shell.

Year introduced: 2004


12. McDonald's Arch Deluxe Burger

What was it? A burger marketed for ~adults~, with a quarter pound of beef, circular bacon, a secret mustard, and other toppings on a potato sesame seed bun.

Year introduced: 1996

—Conor Barrett, Facebook

13. Wendy's Frescata Sandwiches

What were they? Wendy's line of deli-style cold sandwiches, including Roasted Turkey & Swiss and Black Forest Ham & Swiss.

Year introduced: 2006

Anna Kopsky

14. Taco Bell's XXL Chalupas

What was it? A giant chalupa flatbread, red tortilla strips, salsa, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, lettuce, seasoned ground beef, and Taco Bell's three-cheese blend.

Year introduced: 2010

—Kelsey O'Keefe, Facebook

15. Burger King's Funnel Cake Sticks

16. McDonald's Chicken Fajitas

17. Taco Bell's Spicy Chicken Burrito

What was it? A Big Bell Value Menu item stuffed with rice, creamy jalapeño sauce, spicy shredded chicken, and Fiesta Salsa on a soft tortilla. It was replaced by the Chicken Burrito. It was $1.29, and it was GIGANTIC.

Year introduced: 2003

—Brandy Lyon, Facebook

18. McDonald's Fish McBites

What were they? Bite-sized versions of their Filet-O-Fish patty, released yearly during Lent.

Year introduced: 2013


19. Taco Bell's Black Jack Taco

What was it? A Halloween-themed taco with a black shell, three-cheese blend, beef, and Baja sauce. 🎃

Year introduced: 2009

—Steph Lane, Facebook

20. Burger King's Crown-Shaped Nuggets

21. Pizza Hut's Taco Pizza

What was it? A pizza topped with what you'd find on a classic, delicious taco.

Year introduced: 1979


22. McDonald's McSalad Shakers

23. And of course, Taco Bell's Brownie Sandwich

What was it? Two chocolate brownies sandwiched around chocolate frosting.

Year introduced: 2013


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