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19 Posts About Student Loans That Are Too Fucking Real

What kind of Black Friday deals you got, FAFSA?

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best posts about student loans. Here are the painfully funny results.

Note: Not all submissions were sent in by Community users.

1. When you finally get that financial aid letter, and it's less than thrilling:


2. When you try to squeeze every cent possible out of the system:

—Roxanne Aiko, Facebook

—Roxanne Aiko, Facebook

3. When you're convinced they've found every reason possible to withhold that cold, hard cash:

—Spencer Althouse

4. When you panic a little and start getting desperate:

—Andrew Ziegler

5. When you start weighing your options:

—Michelle Regna

6. When you go out to have a good time but your brain suddenly attacks you:

—Brett Vergara

7. When you try to reach out, and FAFSA's like, "New number, who dis?":

—Stephanie Marie, Facebook
Twitter: @manstagram_

—Stephanie Marie, Facebook

8. When you realize the government might wrongfully suspect you've been living in luxury:

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook

9. When you start getting rightfully defensive:

10. When you see this happening and begin crying on the inside:

—Debbie Alsip, Facebook

—Debbie Alsip, Facebook

11. When you realize that alternate universes would probably hand you the same struggles you're experiencing:

—Arielle Calderon

12. When financial aid sends you "more" aid for your consistent hard work:

13. When you start to realize the student loan system might be bullshit:

—Chris Gera

14. When you realize FAFSA is just waiting in the darkness to stomp on your hopes and dreams:

15. When you try to change the subject away from your crippling debt:

16. When you learn the hard truth about the price of schooling:

—Mal Amanda, Facebook
Nickelodeon / Via

—Mal Amanda, Facebook

17. When reality starts to hit, and hard:

18. When you do some detective work to figure out why you didn't just get a full scholarship:

19. And when you start to wonder what kind of game your school is playing with you:

—Anna Kopsky

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