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21 Things Dudes Seriously Need To Stop Doing On Tinder

No, I don't want to be part of your threesome.

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2. Putting in the absolute minimal effort into your "About Me" section — or putting in no effort at all.

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"It's a total turnoff when there's no punctuation in someone's profile and messages. Or when their bio is blank! How am I supposed to spark a conversation?"

—Mumbi Okundaye, Facebook


4. Not having a sense of humor.

"If someone responds well to your joke, that's a good sign that you'll get along, even if it's just a little bit. Lighten up!"

—Victoria Deering, Facebook

6. Or not posting any photos at all.

"I immediately swipe left if I don't know what you look like. Seeing your face makes it even less likely you'll catfish me."

—Barbara Hernandez, Facebook

7. Being a walking contradiction. If you have a Bible verse in your bio with a photo of you in a "Show me your tits" shirt, you deserve an eye roll.

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"How does anyone think those two things together in a profile make sense?"

—Kelsey McMullen, Facebook


8. Using your old wedding photos as your profile picture.

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"I'm always seriously confused. Are you STILL married, or are you on here because you aren't anymore? Does your current wife know? WHAT IS THE STORY?"

—Kate McGarry, Facebook

9. Guys, please stop posting pictures holding a giant fish. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FISH ON TINDER?

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"I seriously don't care that you can catch a fish. What's the deal with that?"

—Jacqueline Sparks-Davila, Facebook

10. Sending rude messages if we don't respond right away. We have a life outside of Tinder — chances are, we aren't ignoring you.

"The worst thing is getting a message from someone because you haven't responded in two hours that says you're a 'bitch' or that 'they could do better than you anyway.' Sorry I'm at work. Wow."


11. Sounding bitter AF in your profile before we even talk to you.

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"I hate when profiles say, 'Swipe left if you act like a bitch/princess/are here for my cash/want me to drive you around.' Like, DAMN. Salty much?"



13. Asking us for our Snapchat name or immediately giving us yours.


"It's worse than asking for a phone number, because you know he's only interested in asking for risqué pictures...or worse — sending them."

—Julia Rose Katlin, Facebook

14. Making creepy-ass comments.

"This one guy was super cute. We had a great conversation at first, when suddenly he told me he 'had the sudden urge to bite me.' Umm, WHAT?! Unmatched!"

—Yirssi Elizabeth, Facebook


17. Being bossy and telling us we "have to meet certain qualifications before swiping right." It's lame.

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"I just laugh when I see bios that say things like, 'And if you don't like kids and Usher cologne, then you can swipe left!' Calm down, it's just Tinder."


18. Asking for sexual favors.

"At least take me out to dinner first, jeez."



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