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19 Study Abroad Tips That Are Actually Helpful

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their best study abroad advice. Here are their helpful tips.

1. Plan all of your side trips as soon as possible. The earlier you book your flight from England to Paris, or wherever you go, the less it'll cost!

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-- susanr4

2. Don't let sleepiness bog you down. If you have the choice between a nap and a chance to explore, EXPLORE. You won't regret it.

3. Learn a little bit about your new country before you get there, so you're not totally in the dark when discussing with your new foreign friends.

-- Mike Ferkol, Facebook

4. And make a valid attempt to learn the language. If you don't know it before you arrive, try learning once you're there.


-- Jessa Anne Wicks, Facebook

5. Figure out what you'll need to buy in your new country, before arriving. Will you be given thin sheets and no cooking supplies? You can plan for that in your budget.

6. Ask around about awesome resources you might be missing out on, like tour groups that'll plan your weekend trips for you.

You don't want your trip to end and you find you could have saved a ton of money staying in a cool AF bed-and-breakfast in Germany with your new BFFs.

-- Tiara Paedia, Facebook

7. Learn how to read a map and navigate WITHOUT electronics. It's a lot safer, and you'll be quick on your toes.

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8. Scan all of your important documents, like your passport and acceptance letter to your university, *just* in case.

Things can get missing along the way when you’re in transit in many places!

-- keziastephaniek

9. You've probably heard this a million times, but it's gospel: Don't let your relationship hold you back.

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Don't let it hold you back from going at all, and don't opt out of certain trips or learning opportunities because your S.O. discourages you. You're ultimately abroad for you.

-- Kelsey Nebl, Facebook

10. Think very hard about what you pack. You want to make sure what you're lugging around is useful!

"You can buy things like full-sized bottles of shampoo, an umbrella, and even some outfits and pairs of shoes once you actually arrive at your destination."

-- lseitz01

11. Say "YES" to every damn opportunity. Especially if it sounds silly -- you'll be likely to meet other people who think it's silly, too, and that's how you make friends!

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12. And don't be afraid to take some crazy risks. Those make the best stories, after all.

-- Mike Ferkol, Facebook

13. Actually go to class, even if the attendance policy is more lax than you're used to.


"You still need to pass your classes. You're there because of school!"

-- joshuaashford

14. Hang out and explore with people who aren't from your home country -- make friends from all over the world!

-- Emily Lynn, Facebook

15. But you're also allowed to hang out with people who ~know where you're coming from~. It can make you feel less homesick.

-- Brianna Tichý, Facebook

16. If you're comfortable and feel safe, DO take trips alone -- you can decide where to stay, eat, and explore without having to ask anyone else.


-- Seth Peyla, Facebook

17. Document EVERYTHING, from the local hot spots to the bathroom in your homestay. Take pictures so you never forget your home away from home.

18. At some point you'll realize that you're actually living there, and you will stop doing and seeing as many things. Don't forget that your time abroad actually ends.

19. And if your schedule allows it, go abroad multiple times throughout college. You don't know when you'll get a chance to visit new countries after you graduate.

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-- Kayla Coffman, Facebook

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