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26 Undeniable Truths All Overly Nice People Know To Be True

Yes, I smiled at you. No, I'm not flirting with you.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community the hardest part about being an overly nice person. Here are the sweet results.

1. People think you're being fake because they're not used to your optimism.

2. Your kindness is often mistaken for flirtatiousness, and people get mad when they're corrected.

3. You end up staying on bad dates for hours, because that's easier than being brutally honest and hurting someone's feelings.

4. Making plans with people is a nightmare because you don't want to make a final decision unless everyone is happy.

5. You do pretty much anything to avoid conflict, which gets pretty damn exhausting, TBH.

6. Which makes people think they can walk all over you, because you've never been confrontational toward them.

7. No one actually knows when you're upset, because you remain upbeat as much as possible.

8. When you're actually NOT being nice, people think you're joking. I'M NOT BEING CUTE HERE.

9. Everyone takes your welcoming attitude as an invitation to unload their personal problems onto you.

10. You feel like you're not allowed to have an ~off~ day, because you fear disappointing everyone who expects optimism from you.

11. But at the same time, it gets annoying when you're not smiling for two seconds and someone asks, "Is something wrong?"

12. But that doesn’t happen very often, as most people assume you’re always in the same mood: happy.

13. Strangely enough, sometimes people assume that since you're so ~neutral and zen~ you must be high on something.

14. Everyone always asks you for favors, because they've unfortunately learned you can't say no.

15. Seriously. You’re always super generous, because you feel bad saying no to people — whether it be giving away food, rides, or even money.

16. And it's pretty much gotten to the point where you're expected to help out all the time, so you just volunteer before anyone asks.

17. When you DO say no to someone, you feel incredibly guilty about it.

18. To some people, your kindness is taken as a major weakness.

19. When you notice someone making a mistake — like calling you the wrong name for several months — you don't have the heart to correct them.

20. Whenever you stand up for yourself, it shocks people.

21. And some people will say things like "You're too nice!" — which isn't always the best compliment.

22. People are always testing your niceness, and you have to act like they're not being an asshole.

23. Everyone always expects you to be a pushover, which is annoying AF.

24. When everyone else is in a bad mood, you feel like you have to provide the positive energy.

25. But to be honest, you're totally fine with that, 'cause it means people depend on you.

26. And you wouldn't change the way you are for anyone.

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