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17 Very Real Struggles For Anyone Who Grew Up With Super-Fine Hair

I call today's look "I tried."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst parts about having thin hair. Here are the painfully relatable results.

1. First of all, you just hope to God you don't get caught in the rain right before you see your crush.

Via CBS / New Line Cinema / Anna Kopsky for BuzzFeed Community

2. And if you have fine hair and don’t wash it for, like, two days it becomes this greasy spaghetti mess.


3. Pulling your hair back in an attempt to serve some ~stylish lewks~ always yields interesting results.


4. When even a single hair falls out of your head, you have a silent memorial for it.

—Erin Rose, Facebook

—Erin Rose, Facebook

5. You can’t use normal-sized bobby pins, because your hair slips right through them like they're on a damn waterslide.



6. You're always psyched to use a new product, but then you use too much and look like you've never washed your hair.



7. Or you'll spend hours teasing and spraying it, ONLY to have it deflate 20 minutes later.

—Lena Palladina, Facebook

—Lena Palladina, Facebook

8. Some days, your whole head is a static nightmare where it sticks to your face and you're shocking everything you come in contact with.

EMI / Warner /


9. Oh, and on top of the static, you have to deal with frizziness — so each day is a blur of constant tangles and knots that you'll never escape.

—Sophie Philips-Roberts, Facebook

—Sophie Philips-Roberts, Facebook

10. And when your hair is thin and curly, it's a knotty mess sitting on top of your head — WHERE ARE THE STYLE BLOGS THAT GIVE ME TIPS FOR THAT COMBO, HMM???


11. Your hair is too fragile for extensions, so you can't even try to fool anyone.


12. And you wonder where all the thin hair models are in commercials. Like, THIS SHAMPOO WILL NOT WORK ON ME, L'OREAL.



13. It doesn't matter how long you take making your hair do exactly what you want, because it'll end up being a disappointment by the end of the day anyway.

—Sophie Philips-Roberts, Facebook
Little Comics Of Life / Via

—Sophie Philips-Roberts, Facebook

14. Even if it holds up on a freezing January day, it still doesn’t provide any warmth like thick hair would.

Nickelodeon / Anna Kopsky


15. Every damn time you try to do a half-up bun, you look like you don't know how to hair.



16. Or when your hair is up in a ponytail at all, you die a little inside knowing each strand will slip out of its grip within a half hour anyway.


17. But even after all the struggles of dealing with your hair, at the end of every day you're learning to WERK YOUR MANE. 🙌


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