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17 Sexting Horror Stories That Prove Hell Is Real

“My boyfriend’s parents DROVE TO MY HOUSE to show my parents our dirty screenshots."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time their sexting went horribly wrong. Here are the painfully funny results.

1. The Mormon mishap:

"My boyfriend and I are in high school, and though we're waiting to do the dirty, we sometimes sext. The day after our most explicit conversation, his parents (who are super conservative and Mormon) decided to check his phone. Instead of having a talk with their son, they DROVE TO MY HOUSE and had a long chat with my parents, complete with screenshots of our texts. We haven’t sexted since."


2. The picture predicament:

"I was on the phone with my long-distance boyfriend, messaging him pictures while also texting about work with a girl from school. So I took a picture of my ~downstairs~, and my boyfriend said, 'I didnt get anything.' That's when I realized my worst nightmare had come true: I sent the picture of myself to this girl. I SCREAMED into the phone, apologizing to her immediately. She was cool about it, but I hope I never run into her."


3. The cardigan controversy:

"I once was sexting my partner, and as it was getting hot and heavy, she sent me a picture message of a cardigan she bought her gran for Christmas, followed by, 'think nan will like it?' and then, 'oh shit, BRB.' She'd accidentally sent the cardigan picture to me, and the naked one to her sister. Her sister told her mum, and we weren't allowed to see each other for a while."

—Marti Jacques, Facebook

4. The crabs confusion:

"I was sexting my boyfriend with my new iPhone, and we'd just started dating, so I was nervous to talk dirty. Well my autocorrect WASN'T nervous, and instead of saying what I wanted to say, which was, “I just got chills,” it sent, “I got crabs.” Luckily, I was able to save it, and after us both deciding we should get tested just to be safe, we proved we’re both clean as well. We're now married."


5. The vile voicemail:

"When my husband and I started dating, I still lived with my parents. One morning he tried to sext me on his way to work, but accidentally sent it to my parents' landline. My dad answered the phone at 6:30 a.m., where a robotic voice said, 'You’ve been a bad girl! Go to my room for punishment and fun!' My dad thought it was hilarious. I was mortified."


6. The autocorrect adversity:

"One time my guy texted me saying, 'Mom, I'd love to see you touch yourself.' Fucking autocorrect. He meant to say 'Mmm.' THAT killed the mood."

—Kimberley Byrne, Facebook

7. The Santana situation:

"One time I was texting a guy, and he said the word 'smooth,' so I immediately thought of the song by Santana and responded, 'Just like the ocean under the moon,' but he didn’t get it. I figured he’d understand if I kept sending lyrics, but he never did. He thought I was sexting him, and the boy was getting off to the words of Rob Thomas."


8. The not-so-clean conversation:

"One time I got a sext from my mom, which was supposed to go to her boyfriend. It said, 'I hope you have what it takes to scratch my itch, if you catch my drift.' When I asked her if she accidentally sexted me, she said, 'At least you got the clean version.' FML."


9. The fake number fiasco:

"I was a freshman in high school when I got a text from an unknown number. It was a detailed — and misspelled — account of things this guy wanted done to him by a girl he’d met the night before. It took me hours to tell the poor guy she’d probably given him a fake number, and that I was 14 and he'd probably end up in trouble if anyone else saw the text."


10. The sinful snap:

"I went on a trip to Australia for four weeks, so one night I sent my boyfriend a fully nude Snapchat, only to get a message a minute later from him saying, 'Did you know you posted that on your story?' Three people saw it before I took it down: my best friend, my boyfriend, and...his brother. FML."


11. The condiment crisis:

"I'd just started talking to a guy who I was super attracted to. He was a normal, funny guy...or so I thought. One day, he started trying to role-play with me, under the pretense of him licking hot dog relish off of my face. I went along with it, but I’d never been so disgusted in my life."


12. The boss bonanza:

"I was messaging a guy about him coming to see me the next weekend. He said he wanted to know how excited I was, so I texted that I was 'dripping with anticipation,' which would have been an awesome line, except five minutes later I realized that I hadn’t texted him — I had sexted my boss. My lesbian boss. The next day at work was really awkward."


13. The misspelling madness:

"Was texting this new guy while I was at work, and I wasn’t really checking my messages for errors before I sent them. I accidentally asked him if he was was on 'anal chat' instead of 'Snapchat.' Not sure how my typo was that bad."


14. The zestiest of beans:

"I got an accidental sext from my mom once. It said, 'I can’t wait to toss the salad...or give you zesty beans.' I’m still concerned as to what 'zesty beans" means."


15. The mommy misfortune:

"My husband had been working abroad, and was on his way home. I sent him a text detailing what I was going to do to him when he got back. Unfortunately, I actually sent the message to his mom, who I'd been texting to let her know her son would be back that night. My life flashed before my eyes when I saw that typing bubble. She saw the funny side, though, and said she was glad to know her son was happy."


16. The iCloud catastrophe:

"My dad set up iCloud at the same time I was sexting a boy. All of our texts immediately went to my dad, and the boy wouldn’t stop messaging, so my dad's phone was buzzing constantly with sexts intended for his daughter. LMAO."


17. And the spooky struggle:

"One Halloween I was texting my crush, when he said he was gonna come over so we could 'do stuff.' We spent almost an hour talking dirty, with me saying how much he turned me on. He soon said he was on his way to my place, but after an hour of him not turning up, I got worried. I then received a text from him saying, 'Sorry that wasn’t me, my friends took my phone,' he then didn’t message me for the rest of the night. WORST HOLIDAY EVER."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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