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25 Dogs That Are So Big You Won’t Believe They’re Real

Friendship has no size.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us photos of their giant dogs. Here are the massively cute results.

1. This pupper, who just made a curious new best friend.

2. This perfect dog who's always up for an adventure.

3. This giant teddy bear who fits just perfectly on her couch.

4. This fluffy pup, who knows that pure bliss is a big ol' hug.

5. This big bear who's just looking for a way to stay cool.

6. This dog who was tired of asking for a snack, so he just went and got one himself.

7. This cute doggie who barely fits on his human's bed.

8. This pup who just has so much love.

9. This German shepherd who brings pure joy to everyone he comes in contact with.

10. This good boy who swears he's very, very comfy.

11. This fluffy cloud who is living the dream, getting carried from place to place.

12. This big gal, who isn't really feelin' a hug today.

13. This Great Dane who doesn't care if there's enough room for her puppy pal on the couch.

14. This big baby, who doesn't even notice he's sitting on his friend.

15. This guy, who is very tiny at heart.

16. And this lap dog, who is not small at all, but is very snuggly.

17. This big pup blending in with the snow.

18. This nap queen, enjoying an afternoon in her kingdom.

19. This cutie, who just wants a kiss.

20. This guy, who loves a good nap with his human.

21. This pup, who's contemplating his life choices.

22. This dog, who is too comfy to move.

23. This pupper who just wants to share a chair with his pal.

24. This baby, who's ready for a good cleanin' behind his ears.

25. And this big boy, who mesmerizes everyone around him.

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