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21 Seriously Amusing Reality TV Shows That Got People Through 2020

It's okay to admit that you watched every season of Love Island.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which reality TV shows brought them comfort, drama, and excitement during this strange year. Here are the entertaining results.

1. The Real Housewives of Potomac (2016–Present)

one woman with curly hair holds her hand up and says "bye wendy," while the other stands up, points and says "DOCTOR wendy. address me correctly sweetie"

2. Love Island (2015–Present)

a man sits on a couch saying to a woman, "we didn't kiss on the lips on purpose. unintentionally we kissed on the lips" while the woman says "oh my god"

3. The Circle (2020)

a woman wearing a du rag and tank top sits on a couch alone in a room, looking at a screen. she is laughing, all teeth showing. she says "i hope you are who you say you are, 'cause i'm not!"

4. Hell’s Kitchen (2005–Present)

a man wearing a chef jacket is screaming, "where's the fucking lobster? get out!"

5. Dance Moms (2011–2019)

a young girl about 7 years of age sits down in front of a camera saying "chloe is my biggest competition, i think i'm a little bit better than her because I've won more awards than her"

6. The Great Pottery Throw Down (2015–Present)

a middle aged man makes pottery with his hands and the camera is zoomed in on it. he says "pottery gives me a sense of achievement, you put a bit of your soul into it." the next image is his face, mid-sentence

7. Queer Eye (2018–Present)

a man with straight, long hair past his shoulders and a groomed beard says "he's struggs to func, that's struggling to function"

8. RuPaul's Drag Race (2009–Present)

a man in a wig and full makeup as if in drag says "they eat her up every time she's on that stage. she could walk out there in a diaper and they'd be like VALENTINA your smile is beautiful!"

9. Selling Sunset (2019–Present)

a woman sits on a desk saying to her coworker, "how do you feel about the engagement ring being not a real diamond?" and two women's eyes go wide as if in shock

10. The Challenge (1998–Present)

a man with notecards says "how many seconds are in five minutes?" while a girl in a helmet says "fifty six?"

11. Below Deck (2013–Present) and Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–Present)

two women are working on a yacht. one says to the chef "are you microwaving a steak?" and the chef, who is holding a piece of steak and is about to put it in the microwave says "no i'm heating it up because it got cold"

12. Jersey Shore (2009–2012)

13. The Great British Bake Off (2010–Present)

a man and woman are in a large tent outside. he is wearing an apron and she a suit. he says "can i bribe you to buy us some time? I'll bribe you pie"

14. Survivor (2000–Present)

a man is shirtless sitting in a forest. he says "john thinks i have an alliance with the team, but now she thinks i have an alliance with her. dude I've been lying this whole game"

15. Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid (2018)

a woman with a short ponytail says "i need you to just get angry and let it out" and two girls in the next frame are fighting with boxing gloves

16. Taskmaster (2015–Present)

a man is at a table in an empty room, chopping up pineapple. in the next image he is shoving a bag of that pineapple into a show, and in the next he is walking away with pineapple in his shoe

17. The Amazing Race (2001–Present)

a man says to a group of adults, "see that massive octopus?" and points to a sculpture of sand shaped into an octopus, larger than many people put together. he tells them to dig into it to find a clue about where to go next

18. The Masked Singer (2019–Present)

a man in dreadlocks and a furry costume smlies while another man yells "t pain!"

19. Love on the Spectrum (2019)

a man with short hair and a t shirt says "a lot of people our age arent interested in commitment they're only interested in intercourse"

20. Too Hot To Handle (2020)

a young twentysomething girl with long hair wears a bikini. she says harry's from Australia and i literally have no idea where that is

21. And of course, 90 Day Fiancé (2014–Present)

a man with shoulder length hair sits on a bed talking to his girlfriend. he hands her gifts, saying "this is mouthwash and a toothbrush because your breath is not pretty." she looks disgusted, brows raised, mouth frowning

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.