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23 Struggles Every Wannabe Emo Kid Had To Endure

*Hides Hot Topic shopping bags from Mom*

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5. Trying to explain the appeal of boys in tight pants to anyone who didn't understand.

Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

You hoped that fate may one day unite you with someone who also sweats at the sight of Alex Gaskarth.


9. Having to wait to apply your thick eyeliner until you were out of your parents' sight.

But only if you were positive they would NEVER find out.

10. How bad your hands smelled after you colored your nails with Sharpies, since you weren't allowed to own black nail polish.

Expressing yourself was a struggle on so many levels.

11. Pining over piercings you knew you would never be allowed to get.

You didn't care that it "wasn't going to be acceptable" when you got into the "professional world."


13. Hating your hair every day because it would never look as amazing as this.

S I G H .

14. Anytime your mom caught you with a Hot Topic bag and made you return whatever you bought.

But Mom, no other stores sell cute Fall Out Boy shirts.

15. The horrified look on your parents' faces when you showed them photos of the band that you wanted to see.

Gabriel Bouys / Getty Images

"But Mom. A lot of people met them at Warped Tour. They're nice guys."


18. Buying a t-shirt from your favorite band, but not being able to wear it because your parents thought it was "too scary."

But, like, no one had to look if they didn't want to.

20. Trying to find ways to be rebellious without being too obvious.

One day you could do whatever you wanted.


21. Relishing any accessory you were allowed to wear that had a skull on it.

No, I'm not raising my hand in class so everyone can see my skull ring.

And since you never got to fully express yourself growing up...