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What's The Creepiest Paranormal Experience You've Ever Had?

We're ~dying~ to know every little detail.

Sometimes, inexplicably ghostly encounters happen that creep you out and stick with you for life.

A young girl has a braid going across the top of her head. She is in a dark room, and her eyes and mouth are as wide as possible
Blumhouse/Monkeypaw Productions

For example, every night in my childhood home I saw a mysterious, spectral child at the end of the hall. It would almost paralyze me with fear, and later in life I learned my parents had seen it, too.

A girl with two pigtails is staring at the camera while wearing a dress with buttons and a peter pan collar

So what's your spooky tale? Maybe you were closing your window one night before bed when you noticed the silhouette of a woman facing you. But when you tried to point them out to your roommate, they couldn't see her.

The silhouette of a woman in a long dress and long hair is visible in a rainy alleyway

Perhaps you took a ghost tour in an abandoned building, and when you looked back at your photos you came across several bone-chilling images.

A ghostly woman is in the doorway of an abandoned building
mzambrano / Via

Or maybe you were watching TV alone one night when you suddenly felt a tap on your shoulder and warmth around your stomach, right where a child would stand if they were hugging you.

A woman with a high bun on her head wears a tank top and thin necklace. She is sitting on a bed with her mouth open and her eyes facing downward

Sometimes getting these terrifying stories off your chest can be cathartic. So tell us, what's your own real-life ghost story?

A woman with white eyes is screaming. Her teeth are all showing and her mouth is wide open

Tell us in the comments below. Our favorites will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!