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13 Theories About Pixar Movies That’ll Really Make You Think

Is Toy Story 3 based on the Holocaust?!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite Pixar theories. Here are the insane results.

Note: Not all submissions were sent by Community users.

1. Nemo actually died with his mom, so Finding Nemo is about Marlin going through the stages of grief.

Pixar / Disney

"Nemo" means "no man" in Latin, and each encounter he has throughout the movie represents the stages of grief, in order: Denial, anger, bargaining, despair, and acceptance.


3. Boo from Monsters, Inc. grew up to be the witch from Brave.

Pixar / Disney

She grew up missing "Kitty" so much that she devoted the rest of her life to finding him, and she did so, using the doors in Monsters, Inc. A carving of Sulley also appears in the background of Brave, fueling the idea that the witch knows who he is.



6. The tree Wall-E and Eve plant grows to be the one in A Bug's Life.

Pixar / Disney

The tree is thought to be the same one Carl and Ellie picnic under in Up, and the one from Jessie's song about Emily in Toy Story 2. It's just a sweet little tie-in that Disney fanatic Matthew Gottula came up with.

Anna Kopsky


8. Toy Story 3 is an allegory for the Holocaust.

Pixar / Disney / Public Domain

The toys' leader, Woody, suggests hiding in the attic, Anne Frank-style, but they get caught and shipped off to daycare — a place where they're "concentrated" and routinely mistreated (only by little children instead of Nazis). Dark, tbh.


9. A Bug's Life takes place waaaaaaay in the future.

Pixar / Disney

No humans appear in the movie because not a lot of people are left. Their society is also so developed that they have bars, clothing, and can speak — proving that they learned a thing or two from the humans who came before them.

10. Riley's mom from Inside Out committed credit card fraud, which is why Riley's family had to move so quickly.

Pixar / Disney /

The Pixar Wiki page for Riley's mom once said the back of her credit card read "K. Ann Anderson" — which is Bonnie's mom's name in Toy Story 3 — even though her name is "Jill Andersen," with an "e."


11. Carl is actually dead during the entirety of Up.

Pixar / Disney

This heartbreaking theory suggests that he died in his sleep before he was going to be taken to Shady Oaks Retirement Village, Russell is his guardian angel helping him into the afterlife, and the house that he loves so much represents his connection to the real world. WOW.


12. The girl who abandons Jessie in Toy Story 2 actually grows up to be Andy’s mom.

Pixar / Disney

First of all, the hat Andy wears in the first Toy Story isn't based on Woody's, it's based on Jessie's — but is missing its white ribbon, suggesting it's an older hat, possibly given to him by his mom. We also don’t know Andy’s mom’s name, so it’s very possible they're the SAME PERSON.


13. And every single Pixar movie is interconnected.

Pixar / Disney

Starting with The Good Dinosaur, to Inside Out, to Monsters, Inc., all Pixar movies take place in the same universe, just not all at the same time. This helps explain quite a few details that just seem like random easter eggs, small character crossovers, and, well... you can check out the rest here. IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

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