24 Times Being Petty Was Too Fucking Necessary

    You've got screenshots that could end lives.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite posts about being petty. Here are the real-as-fuck results.

    Note: Not all images were submitted by Community users.

    1. When you suspect someone's lying, so you whip out those detective skills:

    2. When someone says something even slightly offensive, and you never, ever forget it:

    3. And when someone tries to cross you, and you remind them of the power you hold:

    4. When you poke around online, just to make sure your enemies are suffering:

    5. When your boo pisses you off, so you hit them with some thick, juicy pettiness:

    6. When you utilize your developed skill of being sneaky, in the name of getting some good-ass tea:

    7. And when the gossip isn't even remotely fresh, and disappointment fills your soul:

    8. When someone ends up being a snake, so you show them the door:

    9. When you let the petty overcome you, and you go OFF:

    10. When you gotta make sure you've got the upper hand so you don't end up getting played:

    11. And you end up doing some crazy shit, ~just to be safe~:

    12. When you wake up every day vowing to be less petty, but you can't because it's a way of life:

    13. When you know you're doing too much, but it's too late to turn back:

    14. When you only have two sides to you, and one is not to be fucking messed with: 😊

    15. When you'd pretty much do anything to put someone right back in their own lane:

    16. When you know the dark truth about someone, so you stir shit up just a little bit:

    17. When you have receipts, so there's no point in keeping all of that important information to yourself:

    18. When you send that risky message and it feels like an eternity before you get one back:

    19. When you find your petty soulmate and you feel like together you can rule the world:

    20. And though they'll try, they'll never be at your level of pettiness:

    21. When you know it's just best to be honest with yourself:

    22. When you have a list of *very valid* reasons for being the way that you are:

    23. And 99.99% of the time, events play out in your petty-ass favor...

    24. ...because at the end of the day, you can't trust ANYONE but your own damn self. 🐸🍵

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