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21 Things That Are Too Fucking Real For People With Peanut Allergies

You’ve spent half your life reading ingredient labels.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the worst parts about having a peanut allergy. Here are the all-too-real results.

1. First of all, peanut allergies don't just mean issues with food. You also have to be careful with deodorant, soap, and makeup. UGH.



2. And you have to read basically every ingredient label from top to bottom, inside and out.


3. You feel guilty grilling your waiters wherever you eat, because you have to ensure you don’t come in contact with a peanut.

—Rich Diedrich, Facebook

—Rich Diedrich, Facebook

4. If you developed your allergy later in life, you know the pure joy of eating certain candy with nuts... and that you'll never get them again. DAMN IT.

MTV / Hershey's


5. You always feel so dang awkward when someone brings a peanut butter sandwich to work or school, and you have to tell them they can't eat it.


6. And when someone else needs peanuts in their diets, you have to quarantine yourself from the area.


7. Some people don’t even take your allergy seriously.

—Alex Bourquein, Facebook

—Alex Bourquein, Facebook

8. And some people tell you you'll "grow out of it," like your allergy is a pair of old shorts.

—Ellee Dee, Facebook
Thru The Lens / Via

—Ellee Dee, Facebook

9. You roll your eyes all the way back into your head whenever you hear, "You’re missing out,” and, “What happens if you eat peanuts?"


10. You have to be so damn careful when eating dinner at friends' houses, because you never know what possible peanut ingredients lurk in their dishes...

—Danni Haller, Facebook
20th Century Fox

—Danni Haller, Facebook

11. ... And then you have to explain to every single person present why you aren't eating. Like a broken record.

It isn't their fault, but STILL.—Danni Haller, Facebook
YouTube / Via

It isn't their fault, but STILL.

—Danni Haller, Facebook

12. Growing up, getting Halloween candy you couldn't eat was the worst — because your bag was 90% full of possibly cross-contaminated candy.

ABC / CBS / Via


13. And when you had to eat at the peanut-free table by yourself in elementary school, you felt so lonely.



14. Getting stopped by TSA is always fun, because your vital Epi-Pen looks like a weapon in the x-ray machine.

The CW

15. And having to request that your airplane doesn't serve peanuts because your allergy is airborne is so embarrassing.



16. Almost every time someone makes a nice gesture through food, you have to turn them down.


17. The possibility of having to jam a big-ass needle into your thigh if you go into anaphylactic shock is a huge cloud over your head.



18. Oh, and the cost of EpiPens is actually a goddamn nightmare.


19. You have to ask someone if they’ve eaten peanuts before you can kiss them.

—Sydney J. Rosen, Facebook

—Sydney J. Rosen, Facebook

20. Sometimes you worry you're being a burden to everyone around you, even though your health is just as important as everyone else's...

—MissAllergic Reactor, Facebook
Twitter: @itsstaphaureus

—MissAllergic Reactor, Facebook

21. But no matter how many struggles your allergy brings you, you know that you just gotta do what's best for you.

—Jordan Christine, Facebook
Adult Swim

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

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