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    15 Of The Most Passive-Aggressive Things To Ever Happen

    “My dad was mad that my brother left the milk out, so he took the cap off the jug and let it stink up his bedroom."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most passive-aggressive thing they've ever done. Here are the savage results.


    1. The alley armageddon:

    "In college, our house backed up to an alley. Other houses shared the alley, but not all of them had parking. This girl would always park in my roommate's spot, so one day we'd had enough, and we surrounded her car with all of our cars. She then had to come to our door to ask us to move our cars. We said the next time she did it, we’d call a towing company. She never did it again."


    2. The bulb bonanza:

    "I lived in a house with the messiest, most inconsiderate girls. One night, I got home around 10 p.m. to an empty house, and almost every light was on. This was not the first time this had happened, but it was the last. I removed all the light bulbs and hid them in my room. They were too cheap to buy replacements, so they just sat in the dark after that."



    3. The milk master plan:

    "My brother once left out the milk, and we didn’t find out until five hours later. We should’ve known, because he was notorious for doing this. My dad decided to take the cap off of the milk and put it in his room. My brother didn’t get off work until late, so the milk had enough time to stink up his room. He never left it out again."


    4. The spork spat:

    "One of my Taco Bell co-workers ALWAYS mixed the sporks and forks together when loading the dispensers — there are two spots for a reason! One day, I decided to glue pictures of the utensils in their respective slots. When that didn’t work, I filled her purse with with them, labeled with bright colors on the handles. After that, she stopped mixing them."



    5. The pitiful pokes:

    "When my sister and I were younger, we fought a lot. One day, I went into her room when she wasn't home, because I wanted to get back at her, but nothing obvious. I got a pin and and poked tiny holes into the eyes of every single poster. I was pretty proud of myself. Years later when we were moving, she finally noticed all the holes. She came to my room asking if I'd done it, and we both started laughing."


    6. The dish decision:

    "I used to work at a restaurant where my co-workers would leave their dirty buckets and dishes sitting around, knowing I'd leave after them and would be responsible for them. After a few weeks of this, I got fed up, put the dirty dishes in the dirty bucket, covered it in plastic wrap, and wrote their names on it. I was off the next day so I couldn’t see their reaction, but the whole thing stopped happening when I returned."



    7. The cheese catastrophe:

    "I was at a restaurant and asked for some extra cheese. The waitress came back, slapped an ENTIRE BLOCK OF CHEESE onto the table, and walked away. So, I cut off some of the cheese, carefully cut a design to look like a five dollar bill, and left that as her tip."


    8. The teacher troubles:

    "I had a roommate who was a school teacher. She would run almost every day after work, take a shower, and hang her sweaty panties from the shower head…until I started using her toothbrush to carry them to her room and putting them on her pillow. That seemed to clear it up without any angry words exchanged."


    9. The toilet paper tactic:


    "My flatmates are awful at changing the toilet roll, so I’ve started putting the unchanged rolls on a string, after my mum told me she had the same problem when she was at uni. The bin is literally less than 3 feet from the toilet."


    10. The snowy situation:

    "Every winter, the house at the end of my street avoids shoveling their sidewalk. Up here in Canada, that’s a big deal! There’s always an insane amount of ice, and it’s obnoxious. One night last year, I stomped the word 'SHOVEL' with my feet in their snow so it took up their entire lawn. They got the hint."



    11. The hospital happening:

    "I took my husband to the emergency room because he was really unwell. His mother was working there at the time. At some point during the evening, she changed the hospital records to state her as next of kin, instead of me. We’d been married three years. I was six months pregnant. We didn’t find out until a few weeks later at a follow-up appointment, when the doctor asked why I wasn’t listed as a contact anymore."


    The CW

    12. The cat box controversy:

    "My roommate in college had a cat and would never clean the litter box. She would let it get completely full, and it stunk up the whole apartment. I finally had enough, and one day I put all the smelly litter in a trash bag and set it outside her bedroom door."


    13. The paper towel party:

    "My roommate would always dry her hands with a paper towel and leave it on the counter in the kitchen. I have no clue why she didn’t just throw them away. After months of cleaning up after her and hinting that she was wasting paper and making a mess, I took a big pile of the damp paper towels and put them in her bed. I’m not proud of it, but problem solved."



    14. The restaurant rivalry:

    "My college roommate and I went out for dinner at a ~fancy~ restaurant. Only one other table was occupied, and our waitress must've decided we weren’t going to tip because we kind of stuck out in the environment. She spent all her time at the other table and then on her cell phone. After waiting a half hour to get our order taken, we got up and had the bartender total our drinks. He told us that this was how our waitress treated ALL college-aged patrons, so we made sure to leave a generous tip — but all in the smallest coins we could scrape up from our purses. We scribbled on the tab that she should pay attention to all her tables."


    15. And the ice incident:

    "I lived in a townhouse where we shared a walkway with our neighbors. We got a lot of snow in the winter, and they'd always wait for us to shovel. I'd dig out a parking spot for my dad, and then they'd take it. One day, I had enough: I shoveled a path that went across my lawn only, and when they took my dad’s parking spot, I shoveled out another one for him, putting all the extra snow on top, around, and under our neighbor's car, and then I sprayed it with water so it froze. That ended the parking wars."



    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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