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17 Normal Things That Look Absolutely Terrifying After Watching A Scary Movie

Close your curtains and trust no one.

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1. Before: Dolls are adorable, cuddly, and make you feel pleasantly nostalgic.

3. Before: Your neighbors take out their massive amounts of garbage, but it's totally normal. Definitely nothing sketchy in those bags.

4. Before: Your kitchen knives are purposeful utensils that fill up your drawers.

5. Before: Unknown numbers are a mere annoyance.

6. Before: TV static is irritating, but usually just means you need to switch the input on your TV.

7. Before: The laundry you left on the floor is a nuisance that you kicked to the side.

9. Before: An open window is simply a beautiful way to enjoy the outside while staying in.

10. Before: An open door is harmless, even when it's dark.

11. Before: An empty hallway is just a long corridor lined with rooms. Absolutely nothing to fear here.

12. Before: An empty house usually means a relaxing day all to yourself.

13. Before: Shadows are fun to watch outside when the sun is setting.

16. Before: Seeing people on a nighttime stroll is totally normal.

17. Before: Your pet is a sweet little creature that lives with you, cuddles with you, and loves you.