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17 Normal Things That Look Absolutely Terrifying After Watching A Scary Movie

Close your curtains and trust no one.

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1. Before: Dolls are adorable, cuddly, and make you feel pleasantly nostalgic.

After: They're possessed items that WATCH YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP AND DEFINITELY COME TO LIFE when you're not looking.

Universal Pictures / Via

2. Before: Precious, innocent children are adorable and can truly do no wrong.


After: Every single kid is a ghost whisperer and may not ACTUALLY BE HUMAN.

Sony Pictures / Via

3. Before: Your neighbors take out their massive amounts of garbage, but it's totally normal. Definitely nothing sketchy in those bags.

After: Your neighbor is most likely a serial killer AND EVERY GARBAGE BAG IS A BODY BAG.

New Line Cinema / Via

4. Before: Your kitchen knives are purposeful utensils that fill up your drawers.

After: Every knife is a potential weapon that you will definitely need to defend yourself.

New Line Cinema / Via

5. Before: Unknown numbers are a mere annoyance.

After: Every blocked number is proof that someone can sense your vulnerability and YOU. ARE. NOT. SAFE.

Dimension Films

6. Before: TV static is irritating, but usually just means you need to switch the input on your TV.

After: Your TV is DEFINITELY a portal for spirits, and you should probably throw the whole thing away.

7. Before: The laundry you left on the floor is a nuisance that you kicked to the side.


Universal Pictures / Via

8. Before: Mirrors are just a reflective decoration you use to help make yourself pretty.

Paramount Pictures

After: They're a place where you can conjure Bloody Mary and see sides of yourself you may not believe.

20th Century Fox

9. Before: An open window is simply a beautiful way to enjoy the outside while staying in.

After: It's a portal to the outside world where anyone can watch you when you least expect.

Compass International Pictures

10. Before: An open door is harmless, even when it's dark.

After: You understand an open door is just a thin, weak piece of material separating you from true peril.

11. Before: An empty hallway is just a long corridor lined with rooms. Absolutely nothing to fear here.

After: It's actually a never-ending tunnel where terrifying ghosts and memories lurk beyond each turn.

Warner Bros.

12. Before: An empty house usually means a relaxing day all to yourself.

After: Your empty house is actually a terrifying, hollow shelter where you are COMPLETELY vulnerable.

American International Pictures / Via

13. Before: Shadows are fun to watch outside when the sun is setting.

After: Even your own shadow is a being from another realm, waiting to grab you at your weakest and take you away.

United Artists / Universal Pictures / Rogue / Via

14. Before: Your clock is just a clock. It's meant to tell time.

After: It's a messenger, sent to alert you of the hour when the demons will arrive.

American International Pictures

15. Before: The roads are simply a means for traveling and getting from place to place.

20th Century Fox / Via

After: They're a terrifying, horrible outdoor track where your worst nightmares can definitely happen.

New Line Cinema / Warner Bros.

16. Before: Seeing people on a nighttime stroll is totally normal.

After: Everyone on the street looks like THE scariest person you've ever seen in your life.

Lorimar Productions / Via

17. Before: Your pet is a sweet little creature that lives with you, cuddles with you, and loves you.

After: It's another being that lives with you that could potentially be possessed and YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE.

Good luck sleeping tonight.

Warner Bros. / Via

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