21 Insane Grilled Cheese Shops You Need To Eat At ASAP

They’ll make you melt.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best grilled cheese shops they’ve ever been to. The results will make you drool.

1. Ms. Cheezious — Miami


This place has been voted the BEST food truck in America, and after one taste you’ll know why.


2. The Grilled Cheese Bistro — Norfolk, Virginia


They have crazy, scrumptious options, like the Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese sandwich. I haven’t been able to tackle an entire one on my own.


3. Melt Bar And Grilled — Lakewood, Ohio

Melt Bar And Grilled / Via meltbarandgrilled.com


You can customize their already incredible sandwiches, and they provide vegetarian and vegan options so everyone can enjoy their food.

—Ellen Norris, Facebook

4. The Blind Barber — Culver City, California


It’s a speakeasy-style bar through the back door of a functioning barbershop. Their grilled cheeses are soooo darn good!


5. Cheesie’s Pub and Grub — Chicago


They call their sandwiches “The Perfect Grilled Cheese,” and with good reason — plus, this place always has a fun atmosphere!

—David Johnston, Facebook

6. Noorman’s Kil — Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York


Each sandwich can be ordered on ciabatta or sourdough, and most are named after the four owners’ grandmothers. Adorable.

—Tamara Holliday, Facebook

7. The Melt Shop — New York City


The Truffle Melt is my favorite. Once they take it off the grill, they drizzle it with truffle oil.

—Akilah Gordon, Facebook

8. Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese — Fayetteville, Arkansas


This place is insane — the bread is jalapeño cornbread thats grilled and coated in powdered sugar.

—Tawana Hendrix, Facebook

9. Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar — Anaheim, California


The first time I ate there, it was so delicious, I cried.

Ashlee Michelle Thompson

10. Dallas Grilled Cheese Company — Dallas, Texas


From the Spicy Two-Pork and Cheese to “The Dude” (a grilled cheese with SLOPPY JOE MEAT!), this place will satisfy any hunger you’ve ever had.


11. The Grilled Cheese Truck — Los Angeles


From their mac and cheese grilled cheese with applewood bacon and avocado to their prosciutto Caprese Melt, I am very passionate about this.

—Alexander Claud, Facebook

12. Toasty’s — Duluth, Minnesota


They use natural, organic, and local products, and they even have “Waffle Sandwiches” — grilled cheese on a damn waffle. Yum.


13. Tom and Chee — Multiple U.S. locations


They have GRILLED CHEESE DONUTS. They are to die for.


14. New York Grilled Cheese — Wilton Manors, Florida


All of their sandwiches are named after New York City landmarks, parks, and streets, and on the weekends they’re open ‘til 4:00 a.m.!


15. The Big Cheeze Food Truck — Bloomington, Indiana


They have lots of yummy, cheesy options. The best part? You can add bacon to almost every single one.


16. The Queens Kickshaw — Astoria, Queens, New York


I have literally had dreams about eating there since I was in New York last.


17. The Yard — Pittsburgh


They have some seriously creative ‘wiches — including one with actual pierogi on it. *Wipes up drool*


18. The Pop Shop — Medford, New Jersey


Not only have their grilled cheeses been featured on the Food Network, but they have so many crazy options, like the Hazelnut-crusted Horseradish Havarti and Blueberry balsamic grilled cheese.


19. Meltdown on 30A — Seaside, Florida


Their menu is small, but will make you drool: Ever heard of brie and bacon on cranberry walnut bread? The lines here are also kinda long — but that just shows how much people love this place.


20. Cheesy Express — San Diego


Their pulled pork mac and cheese grilled cheese is a total game changer.


21. Spacebar — Falls Church, Virginia


They have over 20 different kinds of grilled cheeses, or you can make your own from a list of “stuff” like banana peppers, mojo pork, and even vegan bacon.


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