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    19 Mary-Kate And Ashley Movie Moments That Made You Totally Envious

    You were pretty Billboard Sad​ that you weren’t an Olsen.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the moments they wanted to be an Olsen twin. Here are the nostalgic results.

    1. First of all, you wanted to be MK & A when they ate dinner with adorable French boys, unsupervised, overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Passport to Paris.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros. Pictures

    2. And when they rode through the city on mopeds with those cuties? Unfair.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros. Pictures

    3. The time they hung out at Australia's Luna Park after hours (with cute boys!!!) in Our Lips Are Sealed made you go, "Wait, why am I not an Olsen?"

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.

    —Katy Bugg, Facebook

    4. And they also climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the same day, LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.


    5. They were too chill when their dad surprised them at school with a private jet to the Bahamas in Holiday in the Sun.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    6. And then when they got to swim with dang dolphins at Atlantis.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.


    7. You screamed internally when they interrupted a Simple Plan music video shoot in New York Minute.

    Warner Bros. Pictures


    8. You wondered why they were cool as cucumbers when their parents surprised them with a sweet-ass Mustang for their 16th birthday.


    9. And you were hella confused when your parents wouldn't let you drive cross-country for a road trip with your friends.



    10. You wished you might find your long-lost twin at a cool-as-hell summer camp one day, like in It Takes Two.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.

    11. You thought it was too cool that they got to have an actual witch as their aunt in Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.


    12. And you always wanted to ride a horse into the city, just like you saw them do in How the West Was Fun.

    ABC / Warner Bros.


    13. You tried to scramble eggs in a giant ziplock bag after seeing Billboard Dad, and they turned out pretty shitty.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.


    14. And you always wanted to climb up a billboard at night and paint a personal message on it.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.

    —Roxanne Kopsky, Facebook

    15. You were green with envy when the girls had a pet kangaroo in Our Lips Are Sealed.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros. Pictures

    16. You wished you had the talent to be sent to Rome for a fabulous summer fashion internship someday.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros. Pictures


    17. Or that you would suddenly be the hero of your sports team, when until that point everyone underestimated you.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.

    —Erinne Beachler, Facebook

    18. You prayed their sick hairstyles would look half as good on you.

    Dualstar / Warner Bros.


    19. And to this day, you wonder: HOW DID THEY ALWAYS END UP WITH A HOT GUY?!

    Warner Bros. / Dualstar
    Dualstar / Warner Bros.

    Seriously. Like clockwork.

    —Caitlin McDonald, Facebook

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