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23 Lies Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Told Us

Passport to Paris? More like, Passport to DECEPTION.

1. Whatever your age, you can do literally anything you want.

2. You can even do things that are illegal, as long as you look cute.

3. You should talk to more strangers.

4. Your skin will be blemish-free all the time, no matter what you do to it.

5. You'll be good at every single thing you do.

6. People will believe anything you tell them.

7. And the mean girl will always lose in the end.

8. You'll go on several fully financed international trips.

9. So many trips.

10. While you're on your ~fabulous vacay~, your family will hardly check up on you.

11. Your hair will remain just the way you styled it, no matter how many hours you travel.

12. Actually, absolutely nothing can affect how good you look. Period.

13. You'll never have to consider wearing the same outfit twice.

14. And you will exude perfection with every new style you try out.

15. But if something bad happens to your outfit, you'll still look fabulous.

16. Everyone will always go along with your plan, even if you didn't discuss beforehand.

17. Gorgeous guys will always be around.

18. Like, always.

19. And the guy you have your eye on will always make the first move.

20. No matter what, everything will fall into place in your dating life.

21. You can eat whatever you want and still look like a runway model.

22. You'll be quick-witted in every situation.

23. And absolutely everything will always work out in the end.