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23 Irrational Fears All Book Lovers Have

OK, they're totally rational to us.

1. Craving a title that you can't find, and being positive you'll probably die before getting your hands on it.

2. Thinking about trying to survive in-between the releases of books in a series and wondering if anything in life is promised.

3. Spending sacred reading hours on what will end up being the WORST book you’ve ever read. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT SHIT?

4. Being so afraid of someone spoiling the ending of the book you're reading that you won't even tell anyone you're reading it.

5. Learning that your friend doesn't like the title you suggested to them, and then GUESS WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE, BYE.

6. Or hating one that your friend suggests to you, and then ending up hating them. Because that's the only logical response. Obviously.

7. Finding out another friend is an actual monster when they return a book to you in horrible condition.

8. Or realizing you actually might be the most garbage human of all when you do anything damaging to an innocent book.

9. Or worse, never getting the book back at all, and having to look for an entirely new group of friends. Because the world is rotten and everyone is malicious.

10. Getting trapped somewhere and not having any reading material on hand. And feeling claustrophobic because as a result, minutes will feel like eons and WHY DIDN'T I JUST BRING A DAMN BOOK?

11. ANYONE interrupting your sacred reading time. It's obviously a therapeutic time of your day and anyone who doesn't understand that obviously wants the world to burn.

12. Or when you're reading in public, that someone will dare try to converse with you, even though HAVING A BOOK IN HAND MEANS DO. NOT. TALK. TO. ME.

13. Having to put a glorious book down at the best part because you're expected to do "real life" things that you know don't actually matter. Because only your current story matters.

14. Living in fear after finishing a life-changing story, because you're convinced you'll never find one just as perfect.

Last PJ book GUYS NO JOKE IM CRYING. Jk But I did just have a full blown Photoshoot with the book #BESTYRSOFMYLYFE

15. And just being absolutely positive that life won't continue after you're through with an incredible book, because you'll never experience the same emotions again and NOTHING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

16. Never being able to read all of the titles on your ever-growing wish list. You could probably swim in all of your titles but it will never be enough. EVER.

17. But still being forever disappointed because your bookshelves will never be pristinely stocked. Is it so much to ask to want a library that looks like it's from a movie?

18. Never finding anyone who will obsess over a series with you. WHY WON'T ANYONE CRY WITH ME????

19. Or anyone who will even want to listen to you talk about your theories, even though it'll only take like six hours and you just need a friend. Doesn't anyone understand you just need some support in your time of need?

20. Panicking when you realize your own love life will never perfectly mirror your literary OTP's.

21. Fearing you'll never crawl out of the deepest pits of despair over the death of your favorite character. How are you expected to recover from something so real and painful?

22. Being terrified that your favorite book will be released as a horrible film and your entire perception of the universe itself will change.

23. And life just never being as thrilling as your favorite book.

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