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16 Creepy Unexplained Photos That’ll Scare The Shit Out Of You

No thanks, Satan!!!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the creepiest unexplained photos they've ever taken. Here are the eerie results.

1. This homecoming night horror:

"My mom took this picture on her phone of my little brother and his girlfriend on the night of their homecoming. My brother pointed out the face in the window."



5. This haunted Bud Light:

"Was just taking the obligatory wedding table pic, and in the background you can see a ghoul on the beer bottle. Everyone just thought it was on the label, until I zoomed in — and you can clearly see it's just a regular old, blue and white Bud Light."


6. This island resident:

"This photo was taken in the marsh on Fripp Island, South Carolina, out the car window. I was freaked out by the very clear image of a dark-haired woman, so I showed it to a cashier when we stopped at a local café. She said she's seen many images like this, because Fripp Island is very haunted."



8. This sad doctor:

"I photograph abandoned locations, including mental asylums. At an abandoned children's asylum in New York, through the crack in the door, I saw a white-haired man in a doctor's coat, staring at the ground in shame. Considering the tumultuous history of this asylum and the controversy surrounding the deaths of hundreds of children, it was fitting."


9. This Scottish shadow:

"I took this while visiting Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh. The sky was completely clear that day, and it looks like there is a skull at the top of the gravestone!"



12. This jailbird — er, jail ghost:

"This was taken in an old jail in St. Augustine, Florida. I set my camera to 'burst' mode, and what looks like half a face popped up in the bottom right corner of only one picture."


16. And this graveyard ghoul:

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