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21 Terrific Advantages Of Being The Oldest Sibling

Let's not forget who was here first, people.

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3. It was understood that you always got to be "in charge," and the younger ones had to listen to you.

6. You took advantage when you realized your siblings believed anything you told them... which usually ended up harmless. Usually.

8. You also knew that you could pretty much make them do whatever you wanted them to.

True reason why siblings are made...


9. There's always been an understanding that YOU have first dibs on, like, everything.

10. You know that when you're giving advice, it is actually valued.

i think i give pretty good sisterly advice tbh

11. You have someone to *gently* force your interests upon.

My sisters first concert. Glad it could be @BaysideBand 😊

12. And even though your siblings copied a lot of things you did growing up, it was also kind of flattering.

15. When your siblings grew up to be actually pretty cool, you could live happily knowing you helped influence them.

17. You didn't have hand-me-down clothes.