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24 Tumblr Posts Only Pop-Punk Fans Will Laugh At

I’m Not Okay (I Promise), MOM.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite hilarious pop-punk Tumblr posts. Here are the ~FOB-ulous~ results.

1. The beautiful genius who combined Sims and A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.

—Anna Kopsky

2. This FOB post that is somehow relatable AF.


3. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise), MOM."


4. This classic mix-up.


5. This... unique... take on Brand New.


6. This perfect reenactment of you every time your ears hear a magical tune.

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

7. This post that made you feel safe, because you realized you weren't alone.

—Daniel Richard, Facebook

—Daniel Richard, Facebook

8. This.


9. The chart that perfectly describes all Green Day songs.

—Spencer Althouse

10. This typo that is 100% accurate.


11. The post that makes you wonder.


12. The post that reveals every emo kid's magical powers.

—Anna Borges

13. ~When the lights are dim, and your heart is racing.~


14. This truly riveting tale.


15. This joke that only ​true​ Green Day fans will understand.

—Debra Ann, Facebook

—Debra Ann, Facebook

16. This.


17. This perfect explanation for how you feel when you find someone else who is FOBsessed.


18. Every time THAT song comes on, and you get the feeling. You know the one.

—Anna Borges

19. This horrifying party activity that would see no survivors.


20. This far too real moment we've all had listening to All Time Low.

—Anna Borges

21. This joke that's so wrong, it's right.


22. The note that makes you want to both put on a gas mask and walk in a parade, but also get down and dirty.

—Anna Borges

23. The Young Blood Chronicles/Nickelodeon crossover that's too damn good.


24. And of course, this frugal fan.


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